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Mr S, Monmouthshire

Dear Mr Stannah

Thank you very much for your two letters of 31st October welcoming us to the “Stannah fold”. You have beaten us to it, so to speak. My wife, Felicity, and I had already decided that we would write to your company to express our satisfaction and admiration for the highly efficient and customer friendly manner our order the two Stannah Starla lifts has been executed. Yours is no doubt a well structured and integrated high quality operation.

In a long life we have made many purchases, large and small, but only on the rarest of occasions did I consider of going to the trouble of writing one the proverbial “unsolicited letters of praise”!. In fact at this moment I can’t recall even a single instance when I carried out one of these intentions.

I will soon be 83 years old and my wife will soon celebrate her 80th birthday. The decision to invest this not insubstantial amount of money into buying a piece of specialist equipment, of which we have no direct experience, from the market leader (at correspondingly high prices) was not an easy one.

This is why I am very pleased to be able to say that dealing with your company was such a pleasant experience and one, which quickly allayed any remaining fear or doubts. From our very first telephone call to arrange a visit, to the last written communication received just now enclosing your electrical sub-contactors certificate of the national electrical safety standard.

Within three days of our first welcoming telephone call we were happy to receive your consultant Nick Evans in our home to have a detailed and very instructive, helpful presentation which resulted, without any undue pressure on his part, in our decision to order two new lifts rather than reconditioned ones. We were very impressed by Nick’s professionalism, patience, social skills and readiness to work hard beyond normal working hours. He carefully measured, took many photographs and drew up his precise plans while answering a flood of questions from us. He is a very convincing and personable ambassador of your company.

Something I can say without hesitation about every single member of your staff who I have had the pleasure of meeting in person or had reason to speak to more frequently on the telephone like your Mr. Lucker who took over from Nick Evens the task of processing our order in house. He was very patient with me and took great care in answering my frequent and no doubt repetitive and boring questions to which, if I am honest, all the answers are given in your attractive, well designed and well written sales literature had I bothered to read them!

The manner in which you present yourselves and communicate in print is again very impressive and to the point. From the terms and conditions of sales leaflet to the Starla curved stairlift brochure, to “what happens next” and “frequently asked questions” sheets to the “looking after your stairlift” brochure. This marketing and sales support is accompanied by a regular timely flow of administrative documentation, such as order acknowledgement, installation date and warranty certificate. This step by step just in time release of useful, helpful and necessary information of what to do next gives one the impression that one is part of the whole process, culminating on the day when the actual installation takes place.

This in our case again was a happy and interesting no fuss experience. Accomplished in a surprisingly short time without any damage or mess Julian and Steve your two engineers proved again not unexpectedly to be very professional, personable and very hard working. Like their colleagues already mentioned they were very helpful in explaining things as they went along. Very evidently committed to product and company, very dedicated to “their company” and proud of “their product” and what they were doing. They well reflect a culture and a sense of mission totally committed to quality. Quality in everything you do.

Every date met, every appointment kept, every promise fulfilled, never late. Not surprising to hear that the three members of your organisation whom we had the opportunity to get to know personally, Nick, Julian and Steve have been with your company five, twelve and twenty years respectively.

There is in my opinion and personal experience no better way to organise a successful business enterprise than the well structured, family owned and managed company. I am German and have no doubt that the success of German industry is due to a multitude of medium sized highly motivated family owned and managed unlisted companies which are efficient but more importantly still, are effective. Efficiency meaning to do things right but effectiveness meaning doing the right things. Difficult to achieve with a short-term quarterly horizon.

May I wish you and your company the continued success you deserve.

Yours sincerely
Mr S, Monmouthshire

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