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Mr & Mrs Howlett

It’s always a joy to hear from our customers that their Stannah stairlift or homelift has made such a big difference to their lives.  So we were delighted to have received some lovely feedback in the form of a poem from Mr & Mrs H from Hampshire.  Having a Salise homelift installed meant that they could stay in the home they loved and has made life that little bit easier for them.

“We knew the name of Stannah Meant safety to invest
and Changing house to but, one floor,
Meant trauma at its best.
Milk to cancel, forms to fill,
The very thought made us feel ill.

With but the shortest call away,
A friendly voice confirmed,
There was no need to worry,
No need to feel concerned.

With every detail carefully planned,
For Stannah took such care,
it’s Like a friend just waiting To save us from each stair.

With us, an optional fitted phone,
So neatly placed inside,
now we Can order goodies, as between The floors we glide.

So Stannah, take a bow;
For it’s obvious to see,
Just why you are considered best,
As we believed you’d be.”

Mr & Mrs H, Hampshire

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