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Mr M, Berkshire

Dear Sir,

We wish to express our gratitude to all your staff who have so effectively guided us through the demonstration, selection and installation of our stairlift. My wife has quickly mastered its operation which is a great relief after the previous struggles she had negotiating the stairs.

We had been visiting Andover when my wife suggested it may be an opportune moment to obtain details of your product range. Your receptionist (Julie) apologised that nobody from sales was present, asking me to wait whilst she tried the office. Jack Cezair stepped into the breach and gave me an excellent presentation – I would want him on my sales team. Upon leaving, Julie remembered my name – first impressions of the highest order.

A further visit was arranged, enabling my wife to select the most suitable lift. Ben Stobart undertook this task in an exemplary manner – he had previously asked if Holly May could sit in, to which we had no objection. In fact we were impressed that you had commissioned an arts graduate to research the customer journey – it would be interesting to hear her conclusions. During this visit we experienced a fire alert with your team sliding my wife swiftly down the stairs – she was approached by more than one of your team offering her a seat in their cars until the all clear was given – our customer experience further enhanced!

Three weeks later the installation was most professionally completed in under three hours by Dan Gordon and Jason Wade, who, having a total of over 40 years commitment to Stannah, further reinforcing or confidence in both the product and the company. A slight defect was recorded during installation – the dimple on the clamshell of the carriage was missing. A screw provided temporary solutions followed up by a replacement installed by your service engineer Greg O’Brien a week later. Holly had asked if she could witness this installation and I believe proved beneficial to her studies.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the entire exercise has been our visitor’s reaction – they had clearly expected a clinically gleaming white geriatric appliance, instead of which they were confronted by the Starla, which has moulded into the cottage as if it has always been there. It reminded me of my engineering directors off quoted statement “whether it be small or large, endeavour to create and elegant engineering solutions at all times”.  Your team are to be congratulated in achieving this in both form and function. More than one comment had been made about the delicate shape of the rails and modern appearance of the carriage – needless to say, everyone had to experience the ride, with more favourable comments on completion. Nobody wants to be reminded of their disability – good design can minimise this.

The number one priority was to select the very best possible system for my wife, which has been achieved. At the same time I was interested in the engineering – perhaps I should explain, after completing a graduate engineering apprenticeship I was commissioned as a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm for eight years, until Harold Wilson decided to cancel the carrier programme! Thereafter I joined Coles Cranes in international sales, followed by product development manager and finally as a general manager for the international military contracts. Upon retirement I was asked to undertake consultancy work for sensitive material handling applications, which I did for a further five years.

With this background you will appreciate I approached the selection of a stairlift with a more analytical approach then simply functionality and lowest cost. I have been more than impressed by your organisation and the clear ethos we have both experienced during our selection process. It is a pleasure to see a British company on top of their game, but always looking for further improvement.

Again many many thanks to the entire team for making my wife’s life significantly easier.

Kindest regards

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