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John Sherwood

I would recommend Stannah Stairlifts to anyone who has a need for this type of product. It is easy for a company to get testimonials from satisfied customers where everything went smoothly. However, the test of a really good company is how they perform when things go wrong and the customer has a crisis. Stannah is a company that performed excellently under just these conditions. From start to finish the company service levels were of the highest quality, from the sales consultant, the fitter, the area service support team, the area manager, the service engineer, and all the administrative staff with whom we interacted – all were helpful, polite, committed, and got things done quickly and efficiently.

My wife’s mother, Margaret, had a mini-stroke some weeks ago at the age of 91. She lives independently in her own house, but this state of affairs was in some doubt when she first was taken to hospital. Over a three week period she recovered well and it became clear she would be discharged back to her home in a few days time. We needed a stair lift fitted before she got home. It was the weekend before Easter and time was short. We called Stannah on the Saturday evening and a real person answered the phone. They do indeed have 24 hour cover. We were told that the sales team would be available for several hours the next day on the Sunday. We called them and arranged for a sales consultant to visit the next day on Monday. We ordered the lift and fitting was arranged for Good Friday – because we were unavailable on the other days that week to be at Margret’s house. I know that the fitter was very pleased with his bank holiday double pay, but we were not charged extra for that. Margaret came home just after Easter and was soon able to use the very simple controls on the lift.

Disaster struck the very next week on Monday night. It broke down. We called the service team and an engineer was sent out that night to fix the problem. After two hours he managed to get the lift partially working but needed a spare part that was not normally carried on the service van. It had to be ordered and would take a few days to obtain and fit. Meanwhile Margaret could not operate the swivel mechanism at the top of the stairs, making her getting on and off the lift rather risky. The engineer spent lots of time helping her to get the knack of this awkward move, giving her five separate test runs to make sure she was confident and safe. We told the company that we would not accept a repair because the product was less than two weeks old and we had lost confidence in it. We asked for a brand new chair to be shipped and fitted. It took some escalating of the problem to higher management levels, but that’s exactly what they did, and a new chair was installed on the Thursday of that week.

We chose Stannah because of its reputation for quality of product and quality of service. We were not wrong. As their Stannah promise says: “Always true to our word” – and they are. Well done Stannah.

John Sherwood, Hove, May 2014.

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