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Elisa Elgar

Dear Mr Stannah

I have been some time writing you as my daughter said I might be sent a form to fill in about my impressions of my Stannah lift. I think she was mistaken with all the excitement!

I had over the past earlier months been very taken with your adverts in the newspaper etc, and had actually thought your company came out the most reassuring and was pleasing to see it was an English family run company. So I was easily convinced when the time came to choose Stannah.

Mr R Thomas came to visit us with all the information on May 29th. He was so kind and helpful and reassured me that I would be able to manage really well. That it wouldn’t be in the way of my grandchildren who lived in the house and were always rushing up and down stairs.

Our installer Mr N Chandler was amazingly quick. I didn’t know I would be using it a few hours after his arrival. You certainly have lovely people working for you. He was very encouraging – cheered me into using it until I thought I’d be OK.

I did have a few hiccups. I was a bit too heavy on the button you push to move the footrest but soon got the hang of it and everything has gone perfectly. Sometimes my grandson (just left uni so not a child) comes out of his bedroom and beats me to the bit that moves me upstairs by pressing a button!

It really is a job to be using such a splendid aid to my problems and to feel totally confident and feeling safe whilst using it.

Can you tell the men who made it for me that I’m so grateful for their skill. It’s quite something to be giving happiness and confidence to people – a “good deed in a naughty world”.

All good wishes,

Yours Sincerely

Elisa Elgar

85 at present

(No not the weather, my age!)

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