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Daphne’s Story

Well, my partner told me there was a very pretty place to retire to and I came to see it and looked at horror and thought“I can’t buy this house because I can’t climb stairs”. I had lived since 1959 in bungalows and then I saw an advert I think, obviously, and I thought, “Yes, I can. I can have a Stannah stairlift”, which is exactly what I did.

And I still can’t climb stairs and I sail away up to bed at night and come down in the morning. I was able to buy this pretty little place which I’d fallen in love with.

I was very interested that Stannah, of course, is a family company. They didn’t force-sell the equipment, they gave me a choice and a choice of colour and they said “Well, this is the date we can give you” and they arrived. They were very, very efficient with very little mess, the staff were very good and very polite.

I am impressed by Stannah — I think they’re excellent. I don’t think you could have a better company to deal with.

Daphne purchased a Solus stair lift for straight stairs

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