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Cyril and Marge’s Story

We purchased it for my husband, Cyril, due to him having a stroke about 9 years ago. We thought we might move but then it was such a lot of uprising.

The men came round from Stannah to check the hallway for measurement and it was impossible to leave it how it was because of Cyril’s legs, so they had to take the banister rail out and make a new one which they did and it’s absolutely brilliant. They were really caring.

Very clean work. Very clean workers cleaned up immaculately after. He knew the colour I was having ’cause I already got the new paper to go up and he picked me the chair to match, which I thought was lovely. Absolutely wonderful. I can’t fault them.

I do think it’s classy, definitely. If he’s sitting on there I would like to guide it up but he says “No. I can do it. I can do it”, guides himself. The chair comes in handy when Cyril gets up out of bed. He can take his time, get to the chair and come down on his own.

Before I had Stannah I was Cyril’s stairlift, I used to put my hands under his bottom to literally get him upstairs. It’s made a big, big difference to my life.

Cyril and Marge purchased a Sofia stairlift for their curved staircase

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