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Brenda Jones

Dear Sir

I would like to thank you and all of the team for the stair lift recently fitted into my house.

The original visit from the sales team, the electrician and the fitters were all extremely well organised and efficient.  The fitters, in particular, were excellent.  They left no mess and were clear and patient with their instructions on how to operate the lift.  My mother was very anxious about the process but their good humour and simple instructions made the process easy for her.

The star lift has made life much better, my mother no longer dreads going to bed or waking in the morning.  The lift enables her to access upstairs whenever she needs.  It is a superb design with remote control to enable us to free the downstairs space and fold ability so that the more able visitors and I can easily walk upstairs.  I am delighted with the way it blends in with the stairs and is not as noticeable as I expected, many visitors have not noticed it until made aware.

The work of your whole team makes such a difference to the lives of those whose mobility has been affected.  My mother and I are very grateful for the high standard equipment that you supply.


Brenda Jones (Daughter)

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