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Richard Kinge

Dear Sir,

A new Siena Stairlift was fitted fitted in my home on Friday of last week and I felt the performance of both the product and the company is really good and worthy of praise.

In these days, much is claimed of us being a’Service Nation’ but I have found that much of this is untrue. Normally the ‘service’ industries do little to provide a service beyond collecting finance and recording data but my experience right from the start with Stannah has been excellent and I have felt unquestionably that I was being served. The initial Sales contact was very pleasant and informative and answered all my questions and there was no pressure put on me to act quickly. However, I felt so comfortable dealing with Stannah that it was quite easy to make a decision to proceed immediately to purchase a product from you. This is altogether unlike other lift companies who visited me previously who spent most of their time ‘rubbishing’ other manufacturers equipment. All the financial dealings and the measurement of my property by you were all handled without me being in any doubt that the job would be done well and at the agreed cost.

On the day of installation, the team arrived exactly on time and they were well prepared requiring only a few cups of tea from me!

The work was finished quickly and the men gave me very clear instructions on the lift’s operation.

I have gained a clear impression of Stannah, from both it’s product and staff, that the company is one which values its reputation and strives to offer real service. A credit to all at Stannah these days. Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Richard Kinge

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