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Renting a stairlift

Our rental scheme enables you to have all the benefits of a new or reconditioned Stannah stairlift, while paying for it one month at a time. We even offer rental on stairlifts for curved staircases. You also won’t need to worry about any additional servicing costs or removal costs as these are built into the rental price. When you don’t need your stairlift anymore, we’ll simply come and remove it for you.

Why should you rent a stairlift?

There are some circumstances in which buying a stairlift may not be the most ideal solution for you. For example, if your stairlift needs are short-term only – perhaps for a visiting friend or family member or recovering from an operation or short-term illness. In these or similar cases, stairlift rental may be the better option.

How does a stairlift rental work in the UK?

Hiring a stairlift is simple. To take advantage of Stannah’s stairlift rental scheme, we require a one-off payment to cover the administration, installation and subsequent removal of the stairlift. From then on, there will be a set monthly fee for the duration of your rental. You are free to cancel the agreement at any time and are only committed to one month’s stairlift rent in advance.

Which stairlifts can I rent?

All our stairlift models for straight or curved stairs, including reconditioned models, are available for rent subject to availability.

How much does it cost to rent a stairlift?

All houses are different, and costs for stairlift hire may vary depending on your staircase design and individual requirements. To find out more, view our guide to stairlift costs. Why not call us and book a free, no obligation consultation where we can give you a fixed quotation?

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Straight or curved stairlifts

Not sure what kind of rail you'll need on your staircase? Whether your staircase is straight or curved we will have a solution to suit.

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Stairlift FAQs

The following questions have been asked by previous customers ahead of their stairlift installation.

Stairlift FAQs