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Homelift FAQs

At Stannah, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we can offer you the best possible products and services.

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Buying a Stannah homelift

How does a homelift work?

All Stannah homelifts use quiet and clean hydraulic drives that have safety built-in. Fluid is pushed up through a cylinder to push the lift up and released to lower the lift.

How many floors can a homelift travel?

Our compact homelifts are designed to travel between two storeys, while our executive lifts can travel up to six floors. Find out more about which homelift is right for you here.

Can a homelift take a wheelchair?

We have both compact and executive homelift models that can take a wheelchair-user or a wheelchair-user and attendant.

Will my walls be strong enough?

Our compact and Midilift executive homelifts have their own self supporting structures so do not require any supporting walls. Our Piccolo executive homelifts work differently and we can collaborate with your architect and builder to establish structural requirements.

Will there be a step into the lift?

All our lifts offer low-level access without the need for an unsightly pit on the ground floor.

Are homelifts noisy?

No. Stannah homelifts are wonderfully quiet. In addition, because they are hydraulic lifts, they benefit from having their pump units located separately – up to 10 metres away – which further minimises any noise.

What if there is a power cut?

Both battery backup and manual system included to allow you to lower your lift to the ground floor.

Do I need a building notice?

Yes. You will need a building notice to have a homelift installed. We can arrange the notice for you or alternatively, your builder or architect will organise all the relevant permissions.

Do I need an architect or builder?

A Stannah compact homelift requires minimal structural work and we will make all of the necessary arrangements required for you. However, if you are already working with a builder or architect, we will happily collaborate with them. Our executive and butler lifts require more substantial building work and consequently, you will need to appoint a builder or architect.

How often does my lift need servicing?

Our compact homelifts require an annual service, while our executive lifts require four service visits a year.

Homelifts made for you

All our homelifts are customised to suit you and your home so call now to arrange a visit to get your FREE personalised quote!