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Choosing a homelift

A lift in your home can make life flow a little easier, not only enhancing your life, but your home too.

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Not so long ago, a lift in your home would have been a pipedream. No longer: fitting a homelift is not only possible, but quick and easy and more affordable than you might imagine. At Stannah we have been providing lifts for generations, since 1867.

Our stairlifts are market leaders and known all over the world. Our commercial lifts are in thousands of properties and premises throughout the UK. So it’s no surprise that we use our lifting expertise to bring lifts into the home.

Our homelifts come in all shapes and sizes, so whatever type of lift you want or need, we’re likely to have a solution to help.

What makes a Stannah homelift different?

Our 150 year experience has taught us so much. We believe this experience means we rise above the rest when it comes to lift expertise.

  • No need for planning permission
  • All our homelifts are hydraulic for a smooth and quiet ride
  • Toughened glass and steel construction for a quality product

We have learned that hydraulic drives in our homelifts provide important benefits.  Hydraulic pumps can be located away from the lift to optimise car space and minimise noise.

Homelift process

It’s not just what we sell that we take great care over, how we sell, deliver and service is just as important to us.

Our homelift process
Homelift FAQs

At Stannah, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we can offer you the best possible products and services.

Homelift FAQs

Choosing a homelift FAQs

How does a homelift work?

All Stannah homelifts use quiet and clean hydraulic drives that have safety built-in. Fluid is pushed up through a cylinder to push the lift up and released to lower the lift.

Can a homelift take a wheelchair?

We have both compact and executive homelift models that can take a wheelchair-user or a wheelchair-user and attendant.

Do I need a builder or architect?

A Stannah compact homelift requires minimal structural work and we will make all of the necessary arrangements required for you.  However, if you are already working with an architect or builder, we will happily collaborate with them.  Our executive range of lifts require substantial building work and consequently, you will need to appoint an architect or builder we can liaise with.

Will there be a step into the lift?

All of our lifts offer low-level access without the need for an unsightly pit on the ground floor.