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Make a homelift a reality

Life is just easier with a homelift. Whether it is helping with heavy luggage, awkward laundry baskets or just moving you quickly and smoothly between floors, a homelift can free up your time and energy so you can keep doing the more pleasurable things in life.

We remain open for business and can arrange a COVID-secure assessment with you upon request.

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A wide range of lift options for your home

Our range of large, medium and small house lifts provide you with the ultimate convenience, luxury and ease of movement in your home. Enhance your home with a lift that takes up surprisingly little space and that makes life easier from the moment of installation.

Designed to your unique requirements, our homelifts can be customised with a variety of optional additional extras to suit your individual preferences.

Love life with a Stannah homelift

A lift in your home can help take the strain off so that moving things around or simply getting yourself up and downstairs is effortless.

It’s not so long ago that having a lift in the home would have been a pipe dream. But no longer. They are quick and easy to install and more affordable than you might imagine.

With a self-supporting structure our range of compact lifts don’t require any major structural work so installation takes just a couple of days.

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Homelift FAQs

At Stannah, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we can offer you the best possible products and services.

Homelift FAQs
Which homelift is right for me?

When deciding on the most suitable product you need to establish how many floors the lift will travel as this helps you to narrow down your search.

Which homelift
Choosing a homelift

A lift in your home can make life flow a little easier, not only enhancing your life, but your home too.

Choosing a homelift
Why Choose a Hydraulic Homelift?

We are huge advocates of hydraulic drives for our homelifts, read on to find out why we think hydraulics are the best solution.

Hydraulic Homelifts
Homelift pricing

Thanks to significant advancements in technology, a lift can now be a surprisingly affordable addition to your home.

Homelift pricing