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The Stratum homelift range

  • Compact lift in variety of sizes
  • Partially or fully enclosed cabins
  • Travel up to two floors at the touch of button
  • Self supporting structure for flexible placement

Access all areas

Our Stratum homelift provides easy and practical access over two floors, so that all the family (and visitors too) can relax in your home and enjoy the convenience of a lift to travel between floors. The Stratum homelift means your house is always ready to welcome you home however tired you are, however much luggage you have, however mobile you are.

Product Details

Key features

  • Varies sizes available accommodating a seated user in our smallest offering, to three people standing or a wheelchair user and attendant at the largest end of the scale
  • Offers low level access without having to create an unsightly pit on the ground floor
  • Hydraulically powered for a smooth and quiet ride
  • Pressure sensitive edges to detect any obstructions
  • Fully compliant fire seal around the aperture


Due to the many different variants available in our Stratum homelift range, please contact us to discuss the options that would be suitable to you and your home in more detail.


Dear Mr Stannah Yes thank you, I am enjoying my chairlift. Nobody likes to admit they are getting old but this is the best thing I have bought. My eight year old great grandson reckons it is fantastic and said it would save my legs, bless him. I would also like to say how nice and polite the men who came to my home, to fit and work how to fit the chair were. Yours sincerely Mrs H, Colchester
Mrs H, Colchester
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Homelift features

Stylish options to suit your lifestyle

Our self-supporting Stratum homelift lift simply goes ‘through-the-floor’ over two levels and can be installed virtually anywhere in your home; from hall to landing, or study to bedroom. The lift car can be half-height or fully enclosed. Both models discreetly close the ceiling aperture at both levels.

Self supporting structure

Self supporting structure means the lift doesn’t require enclosing or any major structural alterations for it to be installed and allows for maximum flexibility in room placement.

BS5900:2012 compliant fire seal

The BS5900:2012 compliant fire seal around the aperture created in the ceiling/floor ensures fire protection, whether the lift is in the upper or lower position.

Pressure sensitive safety

Pressure sensitive safety surfaces and every safety feature have been incorporated. The Stratum homelift will not travel if an obstruction is sensed or the door is not closed properly. Your safety is our priority at all times.

Touch sensitive controls

Touch sensitive controls inside the cabin, easily positioned to suit each user (fixed in compact seated model). Larger button control available for those with limited dexterity or visual impairment.

Battery back-up

Battery back-up allows the Stratum homelift to return to the ground floor in safety in the event of a power failure.

Homelift grants and VAT

If you are eligible your local council may be able to help towards the cost of installing your homelift and adapting your home.

Grants & VAT
Choosing a homelift

A lift in your home can make life flow a little easier, not only enhancing your life, but your home too.

Choosing a homelift
Homelift FAQs

At Stannah, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we can offer you the best possible products and services.

Homelift FAQs