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Safe and secure appointments

While the government has now announced the living with COVID plan, the safety of our customers and employees remains our number one concern.

We will continue to take the utmost care to minimise the risk of COVID transmission.

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We have adapted our approach and processes to ensure that we can continue to carry our appointment visits and installation of stairlifts or homelifts, whilst protecting the wellbeing and safety of our customers and staff.

Enhanced safety protocols include:

  • Abiding to social distancing guidelines
  • Use of face masks
  • Adopting strict infection control measures
  • Use of hand sanitiser when entering and leaving your home

Below, you will find out what to expect when we visit you for your appointment.

Before your appointment

We will ask you some key questions regarding COVID-19 to make sure it is safe for your appointment to take place. If you or anyone in your household has symptoms, we won’t be able to visit just now, but please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment for once those symptoms have cleared.

If you or anyone in your household are shielding, please let us know so that we can take extra precautions during our visit.

What to expect on the day of your appointment

  • We will contact you to check if it is still OK for the appointment to go ahead
  • When we arrive, we’ll show you our identification
  • We will wear all necessary equipment e.g face masks
  • We will use hand sanitiser to clean our hands thoroughly before entering your property

We ask that you;

  • Where practical, please open windows and doors before we arrive, and leave these open during our visit
  • For added protection, you may wish to wear a mask

It may be that we need to take measurements of you, we will only do this if it is absolutely necessary. Please be assured, we will wear the necessary protective equipment and will do this as quickly as possible to minimise any risk.

We will then leave your home and call you to discuss the quotation over the phone. Don’t worry, it’s no obligation, and we’ll give you the time you need to make your decision.

Your installation

It may be that some preparation work is required prior to your stairlift or homelift being installed. You will be contacted by one of our sub-contractors who will make the necessary arrangements for the work to be carried out. They will adhere to all government guidelines just as we would.

When it’s time for your stairlift or homelift to be fitted our installers will;

  • Wear a face mask
  • Clean the product surfaces, and any areas that he may have touched with anti-bacterial wipes
  • Demonstrate the use of the product from a safe distance

We ask that you;

  • If you do need access to where we are working, please ask our installer so that he can take the necessary precautions to do this safely.
  • For added protection, we advise you also clean down any areas our engineer may have touched during their visit

Rest assured we will do everything we can to ensure your installation is carried out safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions are you taking to keep me safe when visiting my home?

All of our staff are asked to confirm their health status daily and will only work if they are well. They will have all of the necessary PPE to carry out their work and will abide by all government guidelines. We will also ask you to let us know if anyone in your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and may have to delay our visit until it’s safe to do so.

Do I need to do anything in advance of your visit?

To help minimise the risk of spreading the virus, you can

  • Let us know if you or any member of your household have any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Where practical, open windows and doors prior to and during our visit
  • Thoroughly clean any surfaces that we may come into contact with
  • If possible, stay in a separate area of the house whilst we complete our work
Is it possible for me to buy a stairlift without you visiting my home?

In some cases, it may be possible for us to complete a full assessment for your stairlift without having to visit you. Please ask us for details. However, if this is not possible, we will do everything we can to ensure our appointment is carried out in safety.

You can also buy a stairlift online limiting the amount of time we would need to spend in your home.

Buy your stairlift online