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What Happens When You No Longer Need Your Stairlift?

6004042If you have moved house or are moving into a property with an existing stairlift or perhaps you simply no longer need it, you may have decided that you need to have your stairlift removed.

At Stannah, we can help you make the best decision on what will work for you. Whether that means we remove or dispose of your stairlift, move it to another property or buy it back – we have an option that will suit your needs.

Removing your stairlift

Unless we are providing a replacement stairlift, we will remove your stairlift and dispose or recycle where possible. Removing a stairlift does require man hours and transportation costs, which may mean a small fee.

Temporary removal

If you wish to undertake redecoration or lay new carpet, we can offer a service where we temporarily remove your stairlift. We will work with your carpet fitter or decorator to ensure the stairlift is out of the way before they arrive and ensure it is back in place as soon as possible after the work is completed.

Moving a stairlift to a new location

Every staircase is different, whether it’s the length, gradient, corners, lengths of straight wall or other quirks that present a challenge, we are able to resite a straight rail or remake a curved rail to ensure it fits the new staircase.

Selling a used stairlift

There are several factors to think about when looking to sell on a used stairlift. You have to consider the condition of the item, how long you have had it for and whether the stairlift rail itself is straight or curved.

If the stairlift is a well looked-after rail, which has been regularly serviced and less than three years old from new, then we may be able buy it back. If you wish to remove your stairlift and you meet these conditions, please contact us to discuss what happens next.

As removing a stairlift requires reconditioning and redistribution work, we will only be able to offer a small payment of around 5-10% of the price originally paid.

We can help

For further information, call our customer service team on 0800 715 474 to talk about what you need and how we can help.

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